How to Find a Job in Healthcare Administration

We all know it’s difficult to get experience in the healthcare field, but it’s also necessary in developing a successful More »

AUA Releases New Guidelines for Management of Kidney Stones

By: Eli Baied. Earlier this year the American Urological Association (AUA) announced their first medical guidelines for management of nephrolithiasis. More »

Top Factors to Consider When Comparing Medical Schools

By: Anubodh “Sunny” Varshney. Selecting a medical school is a significant decision, as the program you attend may play a More »

Don’t Let the Heat Steal Your Sleep: Create the Ideal Summer Sleeping Environment

As a medical student, you know that sleep is important for your patients, but don’t forget that sleep is important More »

Cancer: Don’t just cure it, prevent it!

By: Jonathan S. Pierce, OMS III. Recently I have been thinking about Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (or simply OMT) as a More »

Substance abuse related to school dropouts — prevention tips!

By: Jennifer Martin. Strong link between school dropouts and substance abuse It’s not new that teens can be trapped into More »

Mortality Rate of Colorectal Cancer Expected to Drop in 2014!

By: Eli Baied. Both the incidence and mortality rate of colorectal cancer have declined through the past few decades, and More »

The Dua Layer: Recent Discovery May be Linked to Glaucoma

According to the British Journal of Ophthalmology, the discovery of a layer of tissue in the cornea that controls fluid More »

Post-traumatic stress disorder – a growing concern amongst British military veterans.

By: Max Lamont. With the announcement this year that the British government is set to almost entirely recall all troops More »


Master the Wards: Shortness of Breath

Chief’s Weekly: Internal Medicine Case 3

This week’s case is about Celiac’s disease!

Master the Wards: GI Bleeding

Chief’s Weekly: Internal Medicine Case 2

Medical Tourism and the Cosmetic Surgery Industry – An Infographic!

By: Dr. Alia Nasser.

Medical tourism is booming and countries are now catering to incoming patients who are seeking cheaper care. By the year 2019, the medical tourism market is expected to reach a whopping 19 billion dollars. Countries such as China, Japan, India, Brazil, Colombia, France, Italy, Mexico, (and soon Dubai), are heavily investing in advanced facilities and services for incomers. 

How to Find a Job in Healthcare Administration


We all know it’s difficult to get experience in the healthcare field, but it’s also necessary in developing a successful career. Worthy experience is more than just padding your resume. It’s also the need to have practical, hands-on experience that allows you to effectively expand your skill set.

Now that you’ve made the decision to gain a career in the healthcare industry, the first step is laying the educational foundation, then obtaining the critical experience you need. But how, you ask? Be prepared to work for free and get creative with your opportunities.

5 Steps to Preparing for Your Medical School Interviews

By: Megan Riddle, MD, PhD

After obsessively checking your email every five minutes for weeks, the appearance of your first interview offer brings with it a flood of relief and excitement. All that studying, volunteering, and writing of countless secondary applications has earned you a coveted interview slot. Yet coming on the tail of such excitement is that sense of panic. What now?

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