Substance abuse related to school dropouts — prevention tips!

By: Jennifer Martin.

Strong link between school dropouts and substance abuse

It’s not new that teens can be trapped into alcohol and drug abuse more easily than other people of other ages through ‘peer pressure.’ However, what may be difficult to understand is the fact that substance abuse amongst adolescents has become a major factor in school dropout crises in America.

Studies show that early debut into the alcohol and drug world may result in behavioral and psychiatric problems, and more sustained use of may later turn into severe addiction which may result in permanent cognitive deficits.

According to a recent study conducted by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration., high school dropouts are more likely to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and use drugs like marijuana and other prohibited drugs.

Around 20% high school students have been reported to drop out of their academic career before graduation. In some metropolis areas, the percentage is 50% or even higher. As revealed in the America’s Dropout Crisis report 2013 by the Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc. (IBH), academic failure both causes and is caused by substance use. [1]

There are many studies that have revealed that the use of drugs and alcohol by teenagers is one of the most curable and most easily recognized reasons of academic dropouts. Additionally, adolescents at high risk of failure or who have ended their academic career are more likely to dive into substance use besides other problems such as unemployment, poor health and criminal activity.

“In addition to its strong association with school dropouts, substance use is also related to gaps in college enrollment”, says a report by IBH.

Here are 5 great ways to treat drug abuse:

Change your daily routine – update your daily routine and add some new activities into it – some recreational activities like playing an outdoor sport, hanging out with some sober friends, or doing some noble work. Stay away from smokers and alcoholics. Small changes can make huge differences!

Begin a new social life – start fresh again! You may visit a bar you would not normally go to, help people, be into a relationship, meet new people and get yourself fully involved in whatever you do.  The busier you will remain, the faster you will overcome the addiction.

Find sober friends – Spend more time with them and try to understand their perspective towards life.  This will help you control your tempting vibes for substance use.

Join a good rehab center – If not able to deal with the problem on own, you may also take help of a good teen treatment center. The specialists there can help you control your addiction and returned back to a sober life again. In fact, they help you live with more confidence with a strong positive outlook for the world.

Keep taking feedback from friends and family – Over time, keep asking your beloved ones if they notice any improvement in your behavior or health. This will help you measure the improvement and will keep you motivated.



Author Bio: Jennifer is a professional SEO copywriter. As a part of her work, she has visited many reputed teenage drug rehab centers in America.

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