Technology-Driven Ways to Make Your Practice Stand Out

High insurance premiums and the availability of medical information on the Web are just a few contributing factors to a strained relationship between medical practices and patient loyalty, making customer service more crucial than ever before. While the intentions of providing excellent customer service will always remain the same, there are newer, more technology-driven techniques to explore that can help grow and maintain your ideal patient base. Here are a few to consider.

Inbound Call Distribution

Keeping up with technology trends and implementing the newest techniques can make practicing medicine easier than ever before. With the help of inbound call distribution systems, tablets and social media, patients can get a more personalized experience from start to finish.

The first interaction your practice has with a patient is crucial. Consider implementing an Inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System to assist in customer interaction management. Whether your practice calls for self-service routing or skills-based routing to the agent who handled an initial interaction with that patient, a hosted system can ensure the call center is taking care of your customers with sophisticated technological means.

Implement Tablets

There are several benefits to implementing tablets into your practice. Tablets are lightweight, have a longer battery life, and are easily transferable between medical professionals. They also minimize the transfer of paper documents, thus cutting down on lost paperwork and human error. Offer an iPad at check-in to allow patients to enter their own information. Facial recognition programs are also available for an even easier way to check in.

Tablets also give medical professionals access to reference copies of ultrasounds and X-rays at their fingertips, eliminating film costs and technical labor. This allows for a quicker, more cohesive, and cost effective appointments, which equal excellent customer service, happy patients, and good reviews. Tablets can also improve your practice by providing:

  • Mobile imaging
  • Practice management
  • Clinical documentation
  • Patient education
  • Computerized drug order entry

Leverage Social Media

Almost 90 percent of adults age 18 to 24 will engage in health activities on social media, according to a study by PwC’s Health Research Institute. When progressing customer service, medical practices are increasingly leveraging advances in technology by logging in and using social media to their advantage. This helps foster new relationships, explore what communities are discussing in their field, and expand customer service.

It’s important to create a voice and streamline your brand. Do this through website design, engaging in social media (in the most professional manner), and writing relevant, expert content. Build a social media presence and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

Service that Stands the Test of Time

A lack of customer service is the number one reason a patient will leave a clinic, explains Physicians Practice. While advancements in technology are changing the face of how doctors interact with customers, there are still timeless customer service techniques to always implement in a practice. Hospitality, empathy, enthusiasm, attitude, respect, and timeliness are absolutely necessary in order to acquire and retain patients.

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